Cctv Merni Instrument Bmi-O

Cctv Merni Instrument Bmi-O
Cctv Merni Instrument Bmi-O
Cctv Merni Instrument Bmi-O
Cctv Merni Instrument Bmi-O
Cctv Merni Instrument Bmi-O

3.5 TFT LCD monitor za podešavanje CCTV kamera, 1

video ulaz / izlaz, jedan izlaz za napajanje (12 V, 1 A), audio

test, RS485 interface za podešavanje i upravljanje PTZ

kamera, UTP kabl tester, optika, LI-ION baterija dopunjiva,

zaštitni oklop, torbica.

TFT-LCD Monitor / PTZ Controller / Video signal generator / UTP cable tester

The is developed for the installation and maintenance of video monitoring system. It can be used for displaying video, controlling PTZ, generating images, capturing data of RS485 and testing LAN cable etc. Its functions, easy operation, and convenient portability enable it simple for the contractor to install and maintain the video camera, promote working efficiency and cost-down the expenditure of the project.


*3.5"TFT-LCD , 960(H)×240V)resolution

*DC12V power output to power for cameras

*Audio testing function:test the normal operation for the sound of front-end audio equipments.

*Colorbar Video signal generator, transmit/receive colorful images

*Adjustable brightness, contrast, color of LCD

*Powerful in testing LAN cable, measuring the connecting status ,displaying the sequence of connection and display the NO. of the LAN cable.

*Automatically identify and adapt the video mode of NTSC.

*Support RS232 and RS485 interface, the rate of transportation adjustable

*Support more than ten kinds of PTZ controller protocols. For example, PELCO-P, PELCO-D, SAMSUNG etc.

*Capture the PTZ protocol to assist the setting personnel to find out the control protocol and therefore easily target the problematic equipment.

*PTZ(P/L Zoom) Control: Control the status of P/L, zoom in/out the camera, adjust the aperture, foci and setting parameters, run and call the preset.

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