Bailong Bl9870

Bailong Bl9870
Bailong Bl9870

Name:CREE torch


Light source:1CREE-T6


Work Time:3-12 hours

Product Material:Aerospace Aluminum



Detailed:1. This product is sturdy and durable materials, using aluminum alloy casing, compression, the surface of the anode through a special treatment, with anti-skid function, more wearable, feel more comfortable. 2. Use of sophisticated high-brightness light-emitting semiconductor crystallites for CREE LED is a new energy-saving light sources, energy consumption is only one twentieth of an ordinary lamp, lamp life of up to 10 million hours. 3. Adopt a flexible circuit board (anti-corrosion, super-conductivity) 4. Flashlight irradiation distance of up to 100 meters, 800 meters above the visual range. Uses: widely used in mountain climbing, camping, survival, hiking, fishing, patrol. Reminder: As the torch of light is too strong, do not right the human eye exposure,Bright glare can temporarily blind, especially children.

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