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Bežični alarm

Bežični alarm

Alarm System

1. With learning and delete button, easy to operate

2. Operation Voice guide

3. Honorable person voice prompt, such as ‘warning, you already entered the private area, please out immediately’ ‘hello, welcome’

4. 110DB cycle siren sound

5. Sound and Light double prompt to secure

6. Memory function, data will not lost when power off

7. Max learning 32 remotes

8. Max learning 160 detectors. built-in 5 defense zones: away zone, stay zone, 24 hours zone, delay zone, welcome zone


main panel*1,PIR*1,door sensor*1,remote*1

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  • Model: 13136
  • Težina: 2.00kg
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Pogledano: 1545
Bez poreza: 4,000.00Din.
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